The B.C.F yarn as a heavy filament yarn, used in a wide variety of flooring machinery such as: carpets, tufting, and loop kilim that are offered by the Solomon carpet BCF department. The Solomon Carpet would also like to introduce the B.C.F yarn as the most suitable option to meet the tastes of customers who don’t want to use flooring acrylic or wool. In production process of B.C.F yarn, our company utilizes advanced technology machineries from Switzerland, Germany and Italy which are fully- automated equipment, in addition to the technical knowledge, practical skills and experience in the field as a result the company enables to produce variety of bulky filament (B.C.F yarn) from 1250 to 3300 dtex and the number of filaments can be also selected in various colors and styles (modern or traditional) according to the customers tastes and needs.

In addition to a variety of raw B.C.F yarn productions, there is the possibility of producing single-twisted yarns, cabled yarns , straight heat set and frieze yarns as well.