Carpet washing manual

Carpet may face damages in the course of time. Damages like pouring sticking matters including tar, glue, chemical paints, ink paints, oil, grease … must be removed by special methods.
The following issues must be observed at the time of washing carpet at home or washing service centers:
1-    Spread the carpet on a slope and make the carpet surface wet.
2-    Make carpet shampoo and warm water mixture and wash the carpet thoroughly with sponge.
3-    Remove the whole solution from carpet with water.
4-    Spread the carpet on a slope or hang from the top.
5-    Carpet must be spread or hanged without any wrinkles.
6-    Never fold the carpet. Only roll up.
7-    It is recommended to call well known washing centers.

1.    Do not apply washing powder with enzymes.
2.    In case you don’t have carpet shampoo, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in one liter of water and mix until foam appears. Then, apply this foam on carpet surface by means of a piece of tent and finally dry with towel.  
Steps for using carpet shampoo:
In the first step, use a vacuum cleaner and high suction power. Remove dust from your carpet warp and woof.
If the dust remains inside, your carpet will get a dirty appearance.
Apply soft brush together with special shampoo. Coarse or wire brush may damage the carpet warp and woof. This must be taken into serious account.
Use warm water to make washing solution. Hot water may damage the carpet, and cold water does not have cleaning power. Therefore, warm water is the best choice.
Another important issue is using suitable carpet shampoo. This selection depends on type of your carpet. Those carpet shampoos with lower acid content and hydrochloric acid are in priority.