As the name implies, the work process in the completion hall is related to the appearance of the carpets and quality. After the carpet complete in the weaving hall enter to the completion hall. Our main machine in this department is Sellers brand. First the carpet goes through a machine called "shearing” from 1 to 4 times, which makes a carpet surface clean and also the surface Fluff has removed. Furthermore, the carpets are sewn as each pallet placed with high precision and accuracy in a device called Sellers, the surface of the carpet is restored by the device. Once again, the carpet flattened by the shearing machine. The carpet then enters the shimmering area, in a department which the back of the carpet is glued by a special glue giving the carpet strength and durability.

Towards the finish the surface of the carpet is clear from fluff, and then the carpets will shift to length over-edging machine which overlock the carpets. The carpets are separated according to size and enter into the fringe zone and according to the type of the carpet the required fringe is used for each carpet. It’s necessary to add according to our clients’ request. Mostly for the modern carpets the fringe is not used and instead the edges are glued by a machine. Then, Quality Control section will check the carpet by the expert personnel and label the carpet. Finally the carpet will packed properly and transferred to the central warehouse.