Policy and strategy

In order to supply higher quality products and meet the customers’ needs as per the best standard and quality and towards increasing satisfaction and customers’ loyalty, Solomon Carpet has established quality management system based on international standards, in which policies and plans have been created in accordance with the following principals and the company is hereby committed to fulfill the same in an efficient way:
-    Customer is considered to be the most important complementary member of this organization. As such, understanding customers’ needs and meeting their satisfactions is our main duty.
-    Staff’s progressive training and creating information and experience exchange base towards optimizing their knowledge and awareness guarantee our creativity and innovation, and fulfilment of the same throughout all the processes is our main duty.
-    Increase production rate and develop production machinery and equipment in order to compete with other producers and achieve major share of the market demands
As the above goals can only be achieved through all the workers’ participation and accountability, manager of the company provides all the staff with the present policy in different ways and becomes sure about their full understanding through the required training programs.